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Fiberglass Centrifugal Fan – Hartzell Air Movement – Series 41P

“Rapid-Ship” Fans Ship in 5 Working Days! 

and with a 5-Year Product Warranty

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Hartzell Air Movement Fans and Blowers – Seeing is believing
Centrifugal Fans and Blowers

Ships in 5 days!


Fan sizes available – 12, 15 and 18-inch Inlet size
Performance from 0 to 5 inches WG and 1,700 to 26,400 CFM
Clockwise rotation (CCW not available from stock) with top horizontal discharge standard. Rotatable scroll. Stock fans cannot be rotated to BAD, TAD and DB. (Flanges interfere with base.)
Class II construction.
Offers non-overloading efficiency and economy in corrosive atmospheres up to 10” W.G. Temperatures to 250°F.
Wheel is one-piece airfoil type, constructed with vinyl ester resin.
Housing constructed of special corrosive resistant polyester resin plus flame retardant additives, reducing the flame spread rate below 25.
Base is hot rolled steel, epoxy coated.
Internal hardware is 304 stainless steel encapsulated with fiberglass.
Shaft is 304 stainless steel.
Outlet and inlet flanges are standard.
Epoxy coated weather cover is standard.


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