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IEP Technologies – EX8000™ Multi Zone Control Unit

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Explosion Protection
Explosion Isolation


The Multi Zone Control Unit CIE (Control and Indication Equipment) assumes both control and system verification functions. The whole electronic system is integrated on a modern and reliable board with redundant circuitry. Power supply, emergency battery and connection technology are accommodated within a cabinet.

Any signals emerging from the explosion pressure, spark, flame or temperature sensors employed are recorded, tested and evaluated by the CIE. Depending on the configuration of the explosion protection system the related protection measures are activated selectively. The monitoring and activation lines are continuously checked with regard to wire breakage, earth fault and short circuit. In addition, an automatic self-test system ensures that all important functions of the CIE are monitored electronically. In case of power failure the emergency battery automatically takes over without interruption. Power can
be sustained for approximately 4 hours.

All fault and alarm messages are displayed by both light emitting diodes (LED) and a liquid crystal display (LCD) and can be forwarded by means of potential-free contacts.

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