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IEP Technologies – EX100.1™/EX200™ Single Zone Control Panel

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The EX100.1 and EX200 Control Panels are microprocessor based units designed primarily for small to medium sized explosion protection applications. A wall-mounted NEMA 4 (IP66/IP55) enclosure is standard to provide superior protection against dust and weather infiltration (NEMA 4X and NEMA 7/9 enclosures are also available). System status is visible through a scratch-resistant polycarbonate window. Electrical terminations are protected behind a full face cover panel. Terminal access has been carefully designed for ease of installation. The microprocessor design provides comprehensive self-checking routines during start-up and during operation to provide the highest level of reliability. The control panel also provides flexibility in field wiring configurations and detection logic.


  • Microprocessor controlled to provide high reliability and
    operational flexibility.
  • Remote arm/disarm capability.
  • Self-diagnostic LED fault indicators and built-in test codes for
    fast, easy troubleshooting.
  • Class A or Class B detection wiring options using static pressure,
    dynamic pressure, or optical detectors.
  • Multiple programming options and enclosure ratings to meet
    specific application needs.
  • Single key arming procedure.
  • Process interlock contacts included for personnel safety.
  • Extinguisher low pressure switch and explosion vent status
  • 24-hour battery back-up.
  • Separate output signals for alarm, trouble/fault, and warning
    conditions and programmable pre-alarm option.
  • Compatible with all IEP Technologies explosion suppressors and
    isolation valves.
  • FM, ATEX, CSA and CE approved.


  • Power Supply: EX 100.1 – 100/120 or 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz. EX200 – 115 or 230 VAC at 50/60 Hz.
  • Alarm Relay: Form “C” normally de-energized. Dry contacts rated 5 A at 24 VDC or 240 VAC resistive load.
  • Trouble/Fault Relay: Form “C” normally energized. Dry contacts rated 5 A at 24 VDC or 240 VAC resistive load.
  • Warning Relay: Form “C” normally energized. Dry contacts rated 1 A at 24 VDC or 0.5 A at 125 VAC resistive load.
  • Detection Circuit: Three detection circuits with multiple programming options. Class A or Class B wiring.
  • EX 100.1 EED Actuation Circuit: Capable of firing up to 8 EHRD actuators, 8 PHRD actuators, or 10 Firewolf actuators.
  • EX 200 EED Actuation Circuit: Capable of firing up to seventeen (17) explosive actuators.
  • Backup Battery: Available with 12V 12 AH, 18 AH, or 35 AH batteries.


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