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Upblast Roof Ventilators – Hartzell Air Movement – Series 69S – Swingout

Starting at $4,800.00

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Performance Range: 1,465 – 64,075 CFM at free air. Static pressures up to 1.5″ w.g.

Features Included:

  • The standard material of construction is painted carbon steel.
  • The fan housing is split and swings out from the assembly on a heavy-duty hinge allowing for inspection, cleaning, maintenance or repair without removing the entire fan assembly.
  • Fan motor, propeller, drive shaft, bearings, and drive components swing out for easy access.
  • The belt drive motor is out of the airstream.


  • Aluminum or stainless steel construction.
  • Wheeled support jack for ease of opening/closing fan housing.
  • De-sta-co clamps for ease of opening/closing swingout door.

The price shown is for a Size 12 Series 69S Roof Ventilator in carbon steel construction, 1456 CFM @ 0″w.g.  (Fan shown is SS construction.)


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Product Literature 1: Hartzell Series 69S Bulletin


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