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Direct-Fired Makeup Air Units – Weather-Rite – XT Series

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Make-Up Air Unit
Need heat in your plant this winter?


Direct-fired gas makeup air XT Series systems are an effective solution to tempering air for industrial environments that require frequent air changes. This includes heating, ventilating, or pressurizing a space. The unique design of the standard heater allows for 100% of the heated air to be directed back into space.

Performance Range: 1,000 to 40,000 CFM

Standard Features:

  • Aluminum manifold burner with 30:1 turn-down.
  • Commercial-grade equipment with bolt and screw construction.
  • Variable volume options – 100% outdoor makeup air or re-circulation.
  • Upright or horizontal, indoor or outdoor configurations.


  • Roof curb for simple rooftop mounting.
  • Inlet hoods to protect against water or weather from entering.
  • Various air filter options.
  • Direct digital controls (DDC) for local or network interfacing.
  • Remote control panel with summer/off/winter switch for easy operation.
  • Low-temperature automatic shutdown.



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