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Explosion Isolation Flap Valves – IEP Technologies – Model IFV-M

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The IEP IFV-M passive isolation flap valve is designed for general combustible dust explosion propagation.

Isolation of a deflagration is critical and the means to do so are detailed in NFPA 69. Protection of facilities and equipment that are exhausted by air-material separators (Dust Collectors) and other process equipment handling combustible dusts requires an active isolation system or a passive isolation flap valve like the IEP Model IFV-M. The passive explosion isolation valve is self-actuating, providing a mechanical barrier to prevent the propagation of flame and burning materials to upstream equipment. The IFV-M passive isolation valve features an accumulation sensor, closure sensor, and Interface Module.

IFV-M diameter sizes range from 4″ to 40″.  All Isolation valves include a flap sensor, accumulation sensor, and flap lock.


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